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Workout Of The Week:
Move It Monday
30 secmarch in place
30 secstanding swim
60 secwalk out plank/push up
60 secbird dog
30 secplank
30 secpush up
60 sectable top/kicks
60 secsquat/sumo squat
Package Details
10-Session Boot Camp Card
Price: $95.00
Expiration Date: 06/30/2012

Why pay $25 per class when you can schedule five result-driven workouts for less than $17 per class? And, why pay $17 per class when you can get the same great workout for less than $10 per session? The schedule begins on Thursday, April 5th, and here are the details of the Boot Camp by inSHAPE, a...

Civilized Yet Serious Total Body Workout

Join popular fitness experts from inSHAPE Fitness, the leader in gym-free fitness, for a high-energy workout that is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. Using our company-branded trio of exercise pairing, precision of movement, and proper pacing, your instructor will guide you - not yell at you - through one of the best outdoor workouts of your life.

We warm up, get your heart rate up, and work all major muscle groups, along with focusing on better posture, balance, agility, and flexibility. Intervals are based on time, which means that at no point will you be forced to perform a certain number of repetitions. By moving at your own pace, you make the most of your ability level, with a little push perhaps to new levels, and leave the session feeling great. Your body weight is the primary mode of resistance (your teacher may bring light weight bands or ropes) so the only thing that you need to bring is a bottle of water and a mat/towel.

We meet at Pioneer's Gate, the northeast entrance of Central Park, a quiet section of our busy city. Located within a 5-minute walk of the 2/3 train stop at 110th Street, or the 6 train at 110th Street (it's about a 10-minute walk from the B/C train stop at 110th Street), the back drop of our sessions is the Harlem Meer and Nature Center. If you haven't spent much time in this part of the park, it is a beautiful way to start or end the day.

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Session Includes:
Service Duration No. of Sessions
Group Training 45 minutes 10