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Workout Of The Week:
Move It Monday
30 secmarch in place
30 secstanding swim
60 secwalk out plank/push up
60 secbird dog
30 secplank
30 secpush up
60 sectable top/kicks
60 secsquat/sumo squat
Item Details
GO Band Resistance Band
Price: $9.95

Stop feeling guilty about skipping the gym and take control of your exercise regimen at home, or anywhere you spend your time.  inSHAPE's GO Band is the most portable piece of resistance equipment around.

You can literally take it everywhere: to your living room for a quick workout before the morning shower, to the office for some inconspicuous moves around lunch time, on vacation for your hotel room, or even outside for short circuits at the park. The GO Band will help you develop strength, better posture, and a higher metabolism. With a few simple moves and twenty minutes of your time the GO Band targets problem areas such as shoulders, upper arms, the back, hips, glutes and thighs. With your purchase you get two twenty minute workouts: GO Band Basics, with simple moves for the beginner and a GO Body Blast that will challenge even seasoned athletes.  Order one today and make the most of your valuable exercise time.

Note: Your GO Band price includes standard USPS shipping to anywhere in the United States. 

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