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Workout Of The Week:
Move It Monday
30 secmarch in place
30 secstanding swim
60 secwalk out plank/push up
60 secbird dog
30 secplank
30 secpush up
60 sectable top/kicks
60 secsquat/sumo squat
Item Details
GO Body Toolbox - Basic
Price: $49.95

Getting in shape shouldn't have to be about fancy equipment and expensive gym memberships. And it doesn't have to demand an hour of your time each day. Fitness, however, does need to be consistent, challenging, and varied in order to produce the results that we know you want. Click here to view larger image.

The inSHAPE GO Body Toolbox is your low cost answer to this straightforward approach to fitness.  With it, you receive 4 booklets, each consisting of 2 workouts; one that targets the lower body and one that focuses on upper body.  Each workout is 25-30 minutes and is a combination of strength and cardiovascular moves, which together create a high calorie burning workout.  The toolbox is designed for you to exercise 6 days a week, for no longer than 30 minutes each day, alternating between lower body and upper body workouts.   Each workout also includes core moves that will strengthen your abs and back and stretches at the end.  

The toolbox begins with the most basic moves and progresses on to more advanced levels of the exercises as you become more conditioned.  Illustrations show you how to execute each move, and with a stop watch or wall clock you time your intervals.  It's an easy and efficient way to get in shape in minimal time and with no inconvenience (no travel time to and from the gym, etc...).  You can even use these workouts when traveling, they don't take up much room in a suitcase.  So, what are you waiting for?  Order this amazing product today and begin your journey to a healthier YOU.  Or buy it for someone you love, it makes a great gift.


  • Four booklets consisting of 2 workouts each
  • One GO Band
  • One medium resistance fitness tube with handles (we have lighter & heavier tubing for you to order if need be)
  • One jump rope

Order now and get started...remember, there are No Excuses!

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See Also: GO Body Toolbox with Four Instructional/Training Sessions

Note: price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the US.

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