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Move It Monday
30 secmarch in place
30 secstanding swim
60 secwalk out plank/push up
60 secbird dog
30 secplank
30 secpush up
60 sectable top/kicks
60 secsquat/sumo squat
Five Questions to Ask When You Are Unhappy with Your Results

Just because you “go” to the gym or you have a “trainer” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get results!  You’ve got to make sure your workouts, as well as your diet are in line with what your goals are. If you want to lose weight but you’re not seeing results even though you workout often ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have a specified, time sensitive goal?  Not just “I want to lose weight” - this isn't really a goal. It's an idea. A lovely one, of course, but it doesn't really stand up to reality as far as results are concerned.  To achieve change, you must define the path you will take on the journey. Example: In 4 weeks I want to run a mile without stopping, or, I want to be able to do 15 real push ups without dropping to my knees?  Goal setting is critical to making each workout count.

Do you do the same workout everyday?  If you’re just continuously walking or jogging on the treadmill at the same speed and incline day in and day out you’re not going to see much change.  Your body becomes efficient to the same workout in a few weeks.  So you’ve got to continually change up the elements of your workouts. You also need to do a combination of repetitive movement and strength work.  

Do you eat a full breakfast and avoid processed carbs, espcecially at dinner?  If you’re not paying attention to your diet you may not lose the weight you want.  A poor diet will hinder any weight loss goals, EVEN if you work out often.  About 80-85% of weight loss takes place because of one's diet.  Exercise is great and burns calories, but it’s what you put in your mouth that really affects your waistline.  So watch your intake. Learn how to motor up your metabolism early and keep it going with the right nutrition.

Are you pushing yourself hard enough?  You may “think” you’re working hard but are you really?  Do you ever measure your heart rate?  Do you feel fatigued after a workout?  Do your muscles feel exhausted?  They should if you’re working hard.  So many people that workout in gyms get distracted by friends, or by all the hot bodies surrounding them!  You might be at the gym for an hour but are you actually working hard that entire hour? Chances are you’re not.  Stay focused.  

Do you keep an exercise journal?  By keeping records of your workouts you’re able to see what you’ve accomplished or haven’t accomplished.  If you’re not losing the weight you want you can look back at that journal and determine what you need to change to get better results.  The journal also applies to diet – a food journal is a must when trying to lose weight.

Each person's body chemistry and physical make up is unique, and we do not pretend to lay out an easy 5-step check list you can use when you don't get what you want out of your exercise programming. They are guideposts for problem solving, so pick one or two and focus in on making a few adjustments as the week unfolds. We are here to help, so please let the team know if you need any assistance along the way.

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